Pebbles on the Road

A Word from The LORD

Not long ago, I saw a vision of a person walking along an old country road.  She had in her hand a bag that sort of reminded me of a satchel or perhaps a backpack.  As she walked along, she would occasionally bend over and pick up a pebble, drop it into her bag and resume walking.  She was not in a hurry.  There was no race to be run.  As a matter of fact, if she hurried, I realized she would miss many pebbles along the way.  And although she never spoke a word to me, (I was watching from behind her on the road), I understood that picking up the pebbles was a very important part of her journey.

Beloved, we live in a time where everything in the world says that we must hurry…  Our lives can often feel overwhelming simply because of the responsibilities we have and the work that needs to get done.   There are decisions that loom before us throughout our days and we may frequently find ourselves trying to figure out what to sacrifice and what to keep on our agendas.  The list can be endless and the tasks may feel daunting, so we try to prioritize and fit everything in that we possibly can.  And in the process, we should ask ourselves…what are we missing?

I believe most of us realize that we are truly in the last days.  Time is running out and it won’t be long before everything in life changes in ways that we may never have considered.  The return of our LORD, Yeshua/Jesus, isn’t far away and there is a field out there, ‘white and ready to harvest’.   People in need of a LORD they know nothing about yet…Heart changes and lifestyle changes and repentance and salvations and baptisms are calling...  The wars, rumors of wars, family needs, relationship problems and everything else we deal with can feel not only intimidating, but insurmountable.  And in our own strength, we find that they are indeed beyond our abilities to handle.  We need help.  We need Yeshua/Jesus!  

The vision is a reminder of our loving GOD and His call to each of us...  Here is the understanding He imparted…

The road is representative of the journey in this life.  The fact that it was in the country indicates that it was away from the world, called out by GOD to a place where the hustle and bustle of the ‘rat race’ was not a distraction.  It represented a road or path of peacefulness and quiet. There were no others on the path, because this was a journey with the woman and GOD.  And this was a journey that could not be hurried along, Rather, it must be embraced for the precious gift that it is.

And the pebbles…they represented the things she would gather to equip herself with ~ the pieces of The Rock ~ Yeshua/Jesus ~ as she spent time with Him along the way.  Each pebble represented one more part of Him ~ The Rock ~ that she chose to take with her; one more portion of all He had for her to learn about Him, His love, His desire for the relationship with her that only comes from intimacy, from time invested and love expressed between the hearts of two in love.

There is a call given to all of GOD’S people, to turn or return to Him, to walk in obedience and humility, to love GOD first and others as ourselves. There is a call to go into all the world, to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers…a call that reminds us that we have freely received from HIM and we are to freely, freely, freely give so that others may receive all of the blessings that we ourselves have received because of His abundant mercy and grace toward us. 

It’s a huge call. And the only way any of us will walk in the fullness of that call is to walk in the intimacy of the relationship with Him.   It’s a call that He wants to equip each of us to answer.  And because He is who He says He is, He will equip us, if we will be faithful to take the time to be WITH Him…to stop and pick up the pebbles on the road.

Much Love,


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